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Another Carton Transfer Conveyor System

20-Oct 2017 - News

After sucessfully manufacturing and installing two previous case conveyor systems, Astec Conveyors have been awarded the contract to supply a third conveyor system for a major UK food manufacturer.

Each system takes cases from two lines in the packing area, merges them into one line and transfers them through a tunnel into the cold store building for palletising.

When in the cold store the bar code labels are automatically scanned and the two lines are then split back into two separate lines via the Patented Astec switch unit onto accumulation sections for palletising.

The conveyors on the system are a combination of inclined and horizontal modular belts, zero line pressure (ZLP) non contact powered roller accumulation and lineshaft powered roller conveyors.

The conveyors and support structure are manufactured from stainless steel.

Each of these systems have been designed, manufactured and installed by Astec Conveyors including electrical control to provide a turnkey solution.

Before the installation of the conveyor systems, palletising was carried out in the packing hall which was not ideal due to space restrictions, then the pallets were moved to the cold store building in lorries. The conveyor systems have drastically reduced time, labour and handling costs.   

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