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Mattress Assembly Line Conveyors

18-Nov 2016 - News

As we all know mattress can be very difficult to man handle due to the size and weight.

This is more so on a continuous mattress assembly line, where the operators have to manually carry out a series of mattress movements during the process. These can include transferring sideways, turning through 90 degrees and turning completely over onto the opposite side.

Astec have designed, manufactured and installed a series of bespoke conveyors, generally at least 2,000mm wide for various assembly lines for a leading UK mattress manufacturer.

These include turntables, reversible belt conveyors with inbuilt tracking, side transfer units, automated turn over units and combined press/belt conveyor assemblies.

This technology can be applied to other large products that are sometimes difficult for the operators to manhandle and reduce health and safety risks and generally increase production rates.

If you feel this may be of interest to your particular manufacturing operation, please contact the office on 01283 210333 or send an E-mail to



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