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Another vertical lift replaced by spiral elevator

20-Apr 2015 - News

Astec Conveyors have supplied a further spiral elevator to a major home and personal care manufacturer to replace a vertical lift elevator. With increased production the existing indexing vertical elevators could not handle the incresed product throughput amongst other things. 

The system transfers cases from the filling lines, up to high level and across to the palletisers.

Several vertical lifts have now been replaced mainly due to issues with breakdowns, maintenance required and low throughput due to the system having to index the products in and out of the lift.

Spiral conveyors have minimal maintenance requirements, can operate at various speeds for faster product throughput, can operated in reverse, continuous product flow and can handle different product sizes without any set up changes.

The spiral conveyors are manufactured with various in feed and outfeed orientations and heights to suit with various widths to suit the product.

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