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"Astec were chosen because they offered a complete package - design, manufacture, installation and project management in-house. This gave them control of the whole project from start to finish, and this in turn gave us the confidence of a 'one stop' solution."

Paul Jones
Factory Manager
South Caernarfon Creameries

Conveyor Control Systems - UK Control Systems

Conveyor Control Systems - Astec UK Conveyors Designed

Our in-house conveyor control engineers have the experience to evaluate conveyor system parameters and define the optimum operating method for the application; ensuring full bi-directional interfaces and integration with other O.E.M. equipment such as case erectors, fillers, shrink wrappers, labellers, palletisers, robot cells, AGV systems etc.

Astec conveyor control systems are designed and manufactured to extremely high standards of reliability, incorporating the very latest in PLC and PC control technology. Also available, are the latest colour touch screen interfaces which will monitor your conveyor system and display essential real-time information such as (but not limited to): Number of products produced per shift, system efficiencies, % down time of peripheral equipment with Alarms raised at predefined levels, conveyors running, stopped, overload tripped, Emergency stop push-button status and location on the system (shown graphically), correct photocell alignment, any blockage conditions, bar code reader status (including % of good reads, no-reads and last code read), pneumatic valve operation (with selectable manual function), system running time, recommended maintenance window complete with spare part numbers and order details etc.